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Oom Yung Doe is the most comprehensive, balanced, and efficient form of exercise.

Oom Yung Doe is far more complete.
No form of development is as complete as Moo Doe, mentally or physically. It is easy to see this when individuals dedicated to other forms of development try Oom Yung Doe and find many areas that they have never worked, ways of moving they have never tried and weaknesses that they didn’t know they had. Most forms of exercise only work a small number of the body’s many muscle groups and even then only though a very limited range of their full capability. If you look carefully at many popular forms of exercise such as running and bicycling the joints only move in one or two directions and through a very limited arc. Some areas barely move at all. Even in team sports or individual activities such as rock climbing, golf or swimming the body never moves in many directions that are required for complete and balanced development. Muscle groups that are developed are strengthened but not the connective tissues, ligaments and tendons they attach to, leading to injury. Range of motion is constricted causing tightness throughout the body and improper alignment of the skeletal structure. Some individuals try to compensate for this through modern training techniques, but these are limited themselves in their ability to help. Weight training, Pilates and Cross Training, with their attempts to work more areas of the body, still fall far short of a truly balanced form of development. Most of these types of movement do almost nothing for the body’s flexibility and actually decrease the body’s natural speed, coordination and agility as they make the body tighter and tighter. This is why professional athletes, even with the best trainers in the world must retire by their late 30s and often much earlier. Some attempts are being made to address this, but western exercise is centuries behind the understanding reached by Moo Doe masters in E. Asia.

Just like most forms of exercise are limited in their physical scope, they are limited in their mental scope as well. Endurance running presents one type of challenge for the mind that is very different from golf or rock climbing. Each one has its benefits, but each one is just part of the whole. In addition, most of us favor certain types of mental challenges in areas we already excel in to the detriment of others. Unfortunately, these areas do not go away just because we ignore them and show themselves in our work, relationships, parenting, spiritual life and personal decisions. Some movements in Oom Yung Doe are very slow and meditative. Some are very fast, hard and aggressive. Each of these develops different aspects of you mind and personality and aid in overcoming personal challenges.

Oom Yung Doe is balanced.
It is extremely difficult to know the proper proportion of movement for different areas of the body. It is easy to over train and underuse different areas of the body, especially as we tend to favor our strong areas and ignore the weak ones. With Oom Yung Doe forms of movement the body is properly balanced, upper and lower, left and right, internally and externally. Over 1500 years Moo Doe Masters observed the human body, the way it develops and moves. Over the centuries they saw what worked and what did not. They learned that there are certain ways to challenge the body that develop phenomenal strength lasting well into the 60s, 70s and 80s and other ways that quickly lead to weakness. They found ways to challenge the body to its limits without risk of injury. In contrast, most of the movements individuals practice today are untested and unproven. How many times have you seen an article in a magazine labeling something ineffective that they advocated just five to ten years ago? Who is to say what they are advocating now is accurate? The truth is they often don’t know, it is just their best guess.

Oom Yung Doe is more efficient.
In 20 minutes of Oom Yung Doe practice one can gain the benefits of hours at the gym. This is because strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, balance, agility, flow, timing, body control and endurance are developed simultaneously. To replicate this development a practitioner would have to train on all the machines in the gym, get on the treadmill for 20 minutes, go through a Yoga class, go through a Pilates class, do something for their agility and speed, and do something else for their coordination, fluidity and body control.

Overall Oom Yung Doe includes all of the benefits that we constantly hear of exercise, but without the limitations of common forms of movement. For 1,500 years in East Asia, individuals have dedicated their entire lives to understanding the human mind and body and how to bring it to its fullest potential. The chances of you taking full advantage of all that Oom Yung Doe has to offer are small, but even if you only go through a small part it will far outweigh what is gained by common exercise.

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